Is Invisalign Worth It For Adults?

Invisalign clear aligner technology has been revolutionary in the dental field, taking teeth correction treatment to a new level. Align Technology has celebrated its eight millionth patient in  2019 and continues to grow in popularity, successfully bringing wider smiles to dental patients worldwide. If you had bad teeth as a child but never got it corrected, now you might be wondering, “Is Invisalign worth it for adults?” 

Is Invisalign Worth It For Adults?

As you know, having bad teeth can affect your self-esteem and confidence profoundly. It will not be an exaggeration to say that it can even lower the quality of your life. According to a study in Britain, an astonishing half of the population hates to smile because of their bad teeth. Some people claimed that they were rejected in interviews because of their oral condition. Still, others went on to say that they wouldn’t smile even in their wedding pictures for fear of exposing their crooked teeth!

Although childhood is the ideal time to correct misaligned teeth, it is never too late for you to get the oral treatment you deserve. Most adults consider wearing braces embarrassing. So, Invisalign is an excellent option for adults who want to achieve straight and beautiful teeth without announcing it to the world. Besides, straight teeth will mean better hygiene and oral health.

How is the user experience like?

You will get to wear a set of aligners that must be changed every ten to fifteen days, depending on your orthodontist’s treatment plan. These aligners place gentle pressure on your teeth, nudging them towards the desired place. Each aligner is a progression from the previous model, bringing the teeth to the correct position. Wearing an aligner can be painful, especially during the break-in period. Your mouth will feel sore and develop a wisp while speaking because it changes your lips and tongue’s dynamics. However, these are common side effects that are experienced by people wearing braces too. You can resolve the issues within weeks.

If you are a public speaker or teacher or your job requires frequent speaking, you might want to cancel your plans for a few days after starting treatment. Take some time off to get adjusted to your new life. Once you are comfortable with your aligners, you can go about your daily routine normally. Invisalign is clear, so your teeth might look a little shinier, but unless people look really closely, the aligners remain pretty much invisible.

The teeth tend to revert to their old position if aligners are removed. So you have to wear them for at least 22 hours each day. This means that you will only remove your aligners during your meals. You’ll have to brush your teeth, clean your aligners, and put them back right on. You may not be able to snack as often as you like to avoid taking them off too much. But that might not be such bad news is you can use this inconvenience to cut some extra calories. 

Why should adults opt for Invisalign?

We all know the apparent reason why adults opt for Invisalign. It’s aesthetics. You don’t want people staring at your braces every time you open your mouth. Invisalign makes you look natural, and the aligners are almost invisible. But that is not all there is to the benefits of wearing Invisalign. In various ways, they are preferable to traditional braces.

For instance, they are incredibly versatile and can treat a wide range of dental problems, including malocclusions and overcrowding. Although some cases work better with braces, Invisalign offers unique solutions to dental woes.

Unlike braces where the food particle gets stuck in the wires and is challenging to clean, aligners are much easier to maintain. Moreover, cleaning it regularly after every meal improves overall oral hygiene. 

You require lesser visits to the clinic as you get your entire set all at once. 

They are also a lot more comfortable than braces. The aligners cover your entire teeth right up to the gum, and it is made of plastics that are soft on your tender tissues.

What are the cons?

Most adults can work, save up and afford Invisalign. But costing anywhere around 3000 to 5000 dollars, depending on your condition’s severity, it can still be expensive. Another disadvantage is, if you are indisciplined and don’t wear the aligners as long as you should, the treatment will suffer. Your teeth will not move satisfactorily, and you may end up extending your time of treatment.

What you need to know before getting Invisalign

Before you hit your orthodontist’s office to get your aligners, here are a few things to keep in mind. Unlike braces, you can take your clear aligners off. So, if you want to see results in time, you have to be compliant and wear it for a minimum of 22 hours per day. They are not as painful as other orthodontic procedures but expect some mild pain and discomfort as a side effect from pushing the teeth to new positions. You will also develop a lisp while speaking, so public speaking or official interactions may be challenging for the first week. However, these issues are not permanent and will be resolved within weeks.

Is Invisalign Worth It For Adults?

You might also want to know what happens after the treatment is done. Even after achieving perfectly aligned teeth, they will want to shift and revert to their original position. You will get retainers that must be worn at night to prevent the teeth from shifting back. 

So, Is Invisalign worth it for adults? 

 Invisalign is worth every penny if it can bring back your confidence and improve your smile. When you look good, you feel good, and you are more likely to be productive and healthier. Straight teeth not only enhance your face but also promote better oral health. So if your crooked teeth bother you, go for it! 

 Invisalign makes it possible for adults and even senior citizens to achieve straight and beautiful teeth without the stigma attached to braces.