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Mouth Guards in Irving, Texas

Protective mouth guards are crucial for anyone who participates in a contact sport or activity. These ingenious devices have proven benefits in keeping the user’s teeth and other oral structures safe. Leaving the teeth unprotected can have major consequences including a possible lifetime of dental challenges and issues.

Custom mouth guards provide the following benefits for athletes:

  • Prevent oral injuries and lost teeth
  • Reduce the likelihood of concussions
  • Keep the oral structures safe from damage

Our mouth guards are custom-fit, and they provide superior comfort and protection compared to store-purchased alternatives, and they do not interfere with normal breathing or speaking. Once we have taken impressions of the patient’s teeth, we can immediately get to work in creating their customized mouth guard. The patient can return for a follow-up visit to have their mouth guard fitted once it is ready.

Many of our patients believe that only professional athletes use protective athletic mouth guards. That is not the case. Injuries occur at all levels of competition, and most of our patients who use protective mouth guards are amateur or recreational athletes.

In addition to athletic mouth guards, we also offer night guards for use while sleeping. Bruxism is a serious oral health condition in which a person unknowingly clenches and grinds their teeth while they are asleep. When this issue occurs, it can result in serious damage, including fractures, broken teeth and jaw pain. Night guards can help prevent these problems, and they can go a long way towards helping an individual achieve a better night of sleep. Our night guards are custom-made and come with a service warranty.

If you’re an athlete who plays a contact sport or if you are suffering from bruxism, please do not hesitate to ask us about our protective athletic mouth guards and night guards. Please call us at (214) 960-2291 to schedule an appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"I recommend this office to anyone who wants a dentist that is HONEST, professional, and experienced. I saw another dentist previously, who was quoting me much more work than necessary, and over 10x the price out of pocket after insurance. I had a difficult root canal that required more time than expected. The office got me in quickly, and has extended hours."

Marie B.

"First time here. Staff was very friendly, informative and really works with you. They're down to earth people that care about helping you. They're prices are affordable. I came here after going to a very ritzy dentist that only saw me as a payment and not a customer. Here they really were interested in helping me with my dental concerns. And I really appreciated that. I'm a customer for life and my family is too. Everyone deserves a dentist like this."

Vick A.

"I love Dr Davis and his staff! Worked me in on Saturday to evaluate my issue and put me on the path to healing. It takes me over an hour to get to his office but to be honest I would drive any distance to have him for my dentist! Always leave his office with a smile! 😀"

Linda M.
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